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The Honble High Court/Delhi has since vacated the order dated 20.01.2009, vide their subsequent order dated 26.05.2009, when this Ministry filed an affidavit, stating therein, that they would fill up the backlog vacancies against physically handicapped quota which are in existence since 01.01.1996. Further, Honble MR in her Budget Speech, 2009-10, has also announced launching of a special recruitment drive to fill up vacancies against physically handicapped quota. 2. It has been undertaken by this Ministry before the Honble High Court that while filling up other vacancies, in respect of technical and safety category posts. viz. Technical Supervisors (Section Engineer/Jr. Engineer of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, S&T departments); Artisans (Fitter, Painter, Carpenter, Welder, Mason, Machinist, Motor Mechanic, Train Examiner, Sheet Metal Worker, Lift Operator of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, S&T departments); Ticket Collector/TTE of Commercial departments and Station Master, Traffic Inspector, Yard Master/Foreman, Guard/Passenger Train & Guard/Goods Trains of Traffic department, Railways would need exemption from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, from recruitment of persons with disabilities. Pending the same and till further orders, 3% of the vacancies as would accrue, against physically handicapped quota in such posts, should be kept vacant and should not be filled up. This would need to be indicated clearly in the indents as well as in the notifications, to be issued by RRBs/RRCs. In regard to remaining categories/posts the provision of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, may be scrupulously followed, i.e. posts should be reserved for disabled persons on the basis of computation done taking into account the total number of vacancies arising both in identified and unidentified posts. It would not suffice by merely mentioning that post(s) is/are suitable for disabled persons. Clear break-up of vacancies among the various categories of disabilities, would also need to be indicated in the indents/notifications issued. 3. Pursuant to the same, it has been decided by the Board to launch a Special Recruitment Drive to fill up the backlog vacancies of Group C & D posts existing as per the details of the backlog vacancies, as furnished by the various Zonal Railways/Pus and reported to the Honble High Court (as at Annexure in 03 pages), by placing indents on respective Railway Recruitment Boards and Railway Recruitment Cells. 4. Educational Qualification for recruitment in Group D categories shall be notified separately. Recruitment notifications, shall be issued by RRBs/RRCs, only after separate instructions are issued by Ministry of Railways. As such, the Railways should take advance steps for preparation of indents and furnishing them to RRBs/RRCs. Actual notification by RRBs/RRCs, it is reiterated, should await further instructions of the Ministry of Railways. 5. Further, the process of recruitment to fill up the backlog is to be done in the posts identified suitable for disabled persons as per the list circulated vide the Ministrys letter No. E(NG)II/2009/RC-2/5/List dated 27.08.2009 in a time bound manner, so that the recruitment process is completed by the end of September, 2010. It may be noted that while initiating the process of Special Recruitment Drive, stipulation made vide para 2 above, be kept in view and proper record of the same be kept for future course of action. It is further directed that Railways/PUs must submit the progress report of the stages of the action taken and the results thereof on monthly basis so as to reach this office without fail in the first week of the ensuing month, to enable this Ministry to file periodic progress reports in the Honble High Court/Delhi. Encl : As stated ( K.Harikrishnan ) Director Estt. 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The question of consolidating them has been engaging the attention of the Railway Board. They have now decided to issue a consolidated order on the above subject as below for the information and guidance of all concerned. 1. Quota for Physically Handicapped: It has been decided by the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) that reservations in Group 'C' and Group 'D' posts for the physically handicapped persons should be made as indicated below: Category Reservation Percentage (a) The blind 1% (b) The deaf 1% (c) The orthopaedically handicapped 1% Total 3% At least one Group 'D' vacancy on each Zonal Railway should be earmarked for appointment as 'Caner' and may be filled up by visually handicapped persons. The Blind The blind are those who suffer from either of the following conditions: a. Total absence of sight. b. Visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen) in the better eye with correcting lenses. c. Limitation of the filed of vision subtending and angle of 20 degrees or worse. The Deaf The deaf are those in whom the sense of hearing is non-functional for ordinary purposes of life. They do not hear, understand sounds at all even with amplified speech. The cases included in this category will be those having hearing loss more than 90 decibles in the better ear (profound impairment) or total loss of hearing in both ears. Orthopaedically Handicapped: The Orthopaedically handicapped are those who have a physical defect or deformity, which causes an interference with the normal functioning of the bones, muscles and joints. Counting of Vacancies and Methodology for Reservation. It has been decided that with effect from 01.01.1986, the reservation for the physically handicapped in the Group 'C' and 'D' posts shall be computed on the basis of the total number of vacancies occurring in all Groups 'C' and 'D' posts. The recruitment would, however, be only in the posts identified to be suitable for them subject to the overall ceiling of 50% reservation in that post as laid down by the Supreme Court. The methodology for calculating the vacancies and for filling up the same, as outlined in the Department of Personnel's O.M. No. 36035/17/85-Estt. (SCT) dated 01.04.1986, circulated under Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)II/85/RC-2/74 dated 26/06/1986 (RBE 114 /1986) may be followed with suitable modifications found necessary to suit the set up on the Railways. The reservation of vacancies is to be made separately for each category. If candidates belonging to a category of persons are not available, persons from the other categories may be taken. In that case, the reservation would be deemed to have been utilised in pursuance of the principle of inter se exchange. In any year, if vacancies reserved are not filled, the reservation should be carried forward in the subsequent three recruitment years at the end of which the reservation should be deemed to have lapsed. Identification of Posts: Identification of posts on the Railways in Group 'C' and 'D' for reservation and recruitment of physically handicapped persons had already been circulated vide this Ministry's letter No. E(NG)II/86/RC-2/18/Policy dated 10/07/1987 (RBE178/1987). The list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. The Railway may add to the list additional posts identified by them locally under intimation to the Railway Board. Recruitment: Recruitment for filling vacancies against physically handicapped quota is to be made by the Railways themselves. For this purpose, all vacancies in Groups 'C' and 'D' posts are to be notified to the Employment Exchanges, Special Employment Exchanges and the nearest vocational rehabilitation centres for the physically handicapped persons. The vacancies are not only to be notified in such agencies but are also to be filled through them. A list of Special Employment Exchanges and Vocational Rehabilitation Centres for the physically handicapped was enclosed to Board's letter. No. E(NG)II/80/RC 1/67 dated 23/03/1981. The physically handicapped candidates are eligible for the following concessions: d. Age relaxation upto 10 years; relaxation of another 5 years for SCs/STs and OBCs 3 years. e. A pass in Matriculation would do (instead of insisting on minimum 50% marks as in the case of other general candidates) provided other prescribed conditions are satisfied. f. Exempt from the payment of application and examination fees. g. Exempt from medical examination at the time of appointment provided they have already been medically examined by a Medical Board attached to the Special Employment Exchanges/ Vocational Rehabilitation Centres and produce the Medical Certificate of such Boards. h. Exempted from typing qualification for appointment to clerical posts if they are found otherwise qualified and are certified as being unable to type by the Medical Board, attached to the Special Employment Exchanges or by a Civil Surgeon where such a Board does not exist. Those physically handicapped candidates, who are not covered by (d) above, may be given a medical memo indicating that they are recruited against the Handicapped Quota to enable the Medical Officer to keep this in view at the time of medical examination of physically handicapped candidates. In the case of handicapped persons recruited through the Railway Recruitment Boards, if the candidates are properly registered with the Special Employment Exchange and possess a certificate of special handicap, they may be examined medically for their suitability for employment as handicapped person provided they request for such a medical examination. The appointment of such candidates may be counted against the Handicapped Quota of that Railway. The procedure for verification of character and antecedents of the candidates for appointment under the Handicapped quota will be regulated according to the extant instructions on the subject issued by the Government from time to time. Physically Handicapped, SC/ST, Ex-Servicemen and dependents of those killed in action may be given preference for recruitment to Group 'C' and 'D' in Central Services. 2. The Ministry of Railway (Railway Board) desire that the overall control should be with the Chief Personnel Officer so that the Headquarters Personnel Department is in a position to oversee the implementation of the above instructions and maintain requisite data for forwarding the periodic returns. In this case, the returns are to be sent to the Ministry of Railways half-yearly in the prescribed proforma. In terms of Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)II/80/RC-1/67 dated 23.03.1981 regarding recruitment against physically handicapped quota, all vacancies in Group C and Group D are to be notified to the Employment Exchanges, Special Employment Exchanges and nearest Vocational Rehabilitation Centres for the Physically Handicapped persons. The vacancies are not only to be notified to such agencies but also to be filled through them. 2. The question of extending the facility to the Physically Handicapped sons/ immediate dependents of railway employees as applicable in the case of other sons/ immediate dependents of railway employees in regard to normal Group D recruitment as laid down in terms of Para 179(viii)(b) of Indian Railway Establishment Manual, 1989 Edition, was discussed in PNM Meeting with NFIR held on 11 & 12.02.1993. Pursuant to the deliberations at the said Meeting, Board have decided that the Physically handicapped sons/immediate dependents of railway employees who are already registered with Special Employment Exchanges, can also apply directly to the Railway Administration in response to Notices for recruitment of physically handicapped to Group D posts and such applications shall be considered alongwith others against the handicapped quota. 3. For effective implementation of the above decision, similar publicity as in the case of recruitment to Group D, may also be made for the purpose of recruitment to Group D against physically handicapped quota and the Employment Notices sent to Special Employment Exchanges, etc. and exhibited on Notice Board outside railway offices, etc. situated in the area of recruitment. A number of Zonal Railways and Production Units have requested for clarification as to whether the reservations already provided to the physically handicapped and Ex-servicemen under Article 16(1) of Constitution of India, if added with the existing reservation of SCs/STs and OBCs under Article 16(4) of Constitution of India will exceed the limit of 50% and contravene the judicial pronouncement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court given in the Mandal Commission case. 2. The whole matter has been examined and referred to the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions (DOP&T) as well as to Ministry of Welfare vide this Ministry's O.M. No. 90-E (SCT)I/71/I-Pt. I dated 02.06.1994, a copy of which enclosed for ready reference. The final clarification will be issued on receipt of clarification from above Ministries. The instructions contained in this Ministry's letter No. E(NG)II/97/RC-2/18 Dated 22.07.1997 (RBE 100/97), that the vacancies in the categories identified for employment of the Blind should be filled up by the Blind only, have been reviewed by the Railway Board in consultation with DOP&T. Consequently, it has now been decided that while the reservation of vacancies shall be continued to be made separately for each of the three categories of the Physically Handicapped persons (i.e. 1% for the Visually Handicapped, 1% for Hearing Handicapped and 1% for the Orthopaedically Handicapped), there shall be provision for free inter-se exchange of vacancies if candidates belonging to a particular category are not available or if the nature of vacancies in an office is such that a given category of person cannot be employed. ------------------------------------     Page No. ( PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 8) 34B  ʺyj^h"bCJOJQJaJ(h"bhK3CJOJQJaJ(hRB*CJOJQJaJ(phhR5B* phhI hR5B* phhI hR5B* phPhI hR5B*phhK3B*CJOJQJaJ(phhRhR5B* aJ(phP%hRhK3B*CJ$OJQJaJ(php0%hRhRB*CJ$OJQJaJ(php0*346Fkd$$IflFY#MxU t 6P: 06    44 laytR$$: &P#$/@&Ifa$gdR $a$gdR6<kd$$IflFY#MxU t 6P: 06    44 laytR$$: &P#$/@&Ifa$gdR$: &P#$/@&IfgdRgP<P$: &P#$/@&IfgdR$$: &P#$/@&Ifa$gdRkdz$$IflFY#MxU t 6P: 06    44 laytRg_________$a$gdGkd7$$IflFY#MxU t 6P: 06    44 laytR    | } , I J x $a$gdK3gdK3 $a$gdK3$a$gdG U a x P[\5noĴĥĥzjWD%hAhB#B* CJOJQJaJ(phP%hAhB#B*CJOJQJaJ(phhK3B*CJOJQJaJ(phhK3hF(jCJOJQJaJ(hF(jCJOJQJaJ(hRhF(j5CJOJQJaJ(hRhF(jCJOJQJaJ(hRhut5CJOJQJaJ(hRhutCJOJQJaJ(hRhCJOJQJaJ(hRh"bCJOJQJaJ(hRhK3CJOJQJaJ(x \]opq$a$gdG $a$gdK3 $P^Pa$gdF(j $a$gdK3RSPD& $d7$8$H$a$gd\$a$gdB#$a$gdB# $a$gdG $^a$gdA $a$gdG $a$gdG@ARSTSTIJ)* ʵmiT)hB#5B*CJ OJQJ\^JaJ phhB#"hAhB#5>*CJOJQJaJ(hAhGCJ OJQJaJ("hA5B*CJ OJQJaJ(ph(hAhG5B*CJ OJQJaJ(ph(hAhB#5B*CJ OJQJaJ(phhGCJ(OJQJaJ(hB#CJ(OJQJaJ(hAhGCJOJQJaJ(hAhB#CJOJQJaJ( ! !"""####$$$$$$$%%|%}%%%$d7$8$H$^`a$gdA$d7$8$H$a$gd\$d7$8$H$a$gdG ! !]!^!!!!!C"D""""""2#3###$$\$]$$$$$$%%¯¯¯¯¯œ¯¯s¯]MMhAB*CJOJQJaJ$ph+hAhG5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$ph%hAh5B*CJOJQJaJ$ph+hAh>5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$ph %hAhGB*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph#hGB*CJOJQJ^JaJph/hGh>5B*CJ OJQJ\^JaJ ph%_%`%|%}%%%%%%'&(&x&y&&&'','-'H'J'''''''0(}(~((())q)r)))))&*'*q*r***++D+E+++++쳝쳝쳝%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph +hAh>5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$ph +hAhG5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$phhAB*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph6%%,'-'J'''0(F+{,G-H-a-.. /u111%2&222334 445$d7$8$H$a$gd\+),*,,,--H-_-a---........ /X/Y/////<0=000001 1h1i111 2 2%2&2j2k2222233T3U33ð%hAhGB*CJOJQJaJ$ph+hAhG5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph +hAh>5B*CJOJQJ\aJ$ph %hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph53333444 4g4h44444#5$5~5555666666?7@7777788n8o8889 9T9U9999999@:A:::::;;t;;;;;0<1<{<ٳ%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAhGB*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph?45X6899M;<<?E@ACCD3H4H5HZH\H]H_H`HbHcHeH dgdK3$d7$8$H$a$gd$d7$8$H$a$gd\{<|<<<<<I=J=====>>+>,>v>w>>>??L?M???1@2@@@@@2A3A{A|AAABB^B_BBBCCPCQCCCCCCC!D"DHDoDrDsDDDJEKEEEEE/F0F~Fٳٳ%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAhGB*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$phF~FFFFGGVGWGGGGG3H5HZH[H]H^H`HaHcHdHfHpHqHHHHHHHHHưhHhRmHnHujhK3UhK3hjhU+hAh5>*B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAhB*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh>B*CJOJQJaJ$ph%hAh\B*CJOJQJaJ$ph eHfHHHHH$d7$8$H$a$gd$a$gdK310:p / =!"#$% $$If!vh5M5x5U#vM#vx#vU:V l t 6P: 065M5x5UytR$$If!vh5M5x5U#vM#vx#vU:V l t 6P: 065M5x5UytR$$If!vh5M5x5U#vM#vx#vU:V l t 6P: 065M5x5UytR$$If!vh5M5x5U#vM#vx#vU:V l t 6P: 065M5x5UytRf 666666666vvvvvvvvv666666>6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666hH6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666662 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~OJQJ_HmH @nH @sH @tH @J`J rINormal dCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA D Default Paragraph FontRi@R 0 Table Normal4 l4a (k ( 0No List 6U6 ,g0 Hyperlink >*B*ph4@4 K30Header  B#BB K30 Header CharCJaJmH sH tH 4 "4 K30Footer  B#B1B K30 Footer CharCJaJmH sH tH PK![Content_Types].xmlj0Eжr(΢Iw},-j4 wP-t#bΙ{UTU^hd}㨫)*1P' ^W0)T9<l#$yi};~@(Hu* Dנz/0ǰ $ X3aZ,D0j~3߶b~i>3\`?/[G\!-Rk.sԻ..a濭?PK!֧6 _rels/.relsj0 }Q%v/C/}(h"O = C?hv=Ʌ%[xp{۵_Pѣ<1H0ORBdJE4b$q_6LR7`0̞O,En7Lib/SeеPK!kytheme/theme/themeManager.xml M @}w7c(EbˮCAǠҟ7՛K Y, e.|,H,lxɴIsQ}#Ր ֵ+!,^$j=GW)E+& 8PK!Ptheme/theme/theme1.xmlYOo6w toc'vuر-MniP@I}úama[إ4:lЯGRX^6؊>$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! 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