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1.Objective:-To promote participation of Corporate(s) and PSUs (‘Sponsoring Entity’) for execution of environmental sustainability works, cleanliness & sanitation of stations and provision of certain passenger amenities under CSR.

2.Scope of activities/Works: The Sponsoring Entity is permitted to work in following areas:-

i)The infrastructural works relating to environment sustainability, sanitation/cleanliness of the stations and certain passenger amenities at railway stations, sanitation enabling products and certain other items that can be supplied under CSR.

ii)For the success of the sanitation and cleanliness of the station on sustainable basis, change in behavior of the rail users is the key. For this purpose, creating awareness through innovative communication strategies can be an integral part of the sanitation project taken up by the Corporates/PSUs.

iii)Open defecation in the approaches to the major railway stations is a threat to safety of trains, affect track maintenance and hygiene of the area. The problem is due to non-provision of civic amenities by local bodies for the residents (primarily unauthorized slums) in adjoining areas. Innovative infrastructure & sanitation solutions including behavioural change strategy can be sponsored as a project by the Companies.

3.General Guidelines:

i.As per section 135 of the Companies’ Act- 2013 and the clarifications issued on CSR vide Ministry of Corporate Affairs general circular no. 21 of 2014 (Assistant Director’s Letter No. 05/01/2014-CSR dt. 18.06.14). “Contribution to Corpus of a Trust/society/section 8 companies etc. will qualify as CSR expenditure as long as

(a)The Trust/society/section 8 companies etc. is created exclusively for undertaking CSR activities


(b)Where the corpus is created exclusively for a purpose directly relatable to a subject covered in Schedule VII of the Act.”

ii.There shall be no Directional & General charges (D&G) and supervision charges levied by the railway for undertaking such works under CSR funds. Since the identified works under CSR shall be carried out by the Sponsoring Entity through its agency, the Sponsoring Entity shall indemnify railway against any loss/damage caused to passengers/railway property during execution of work.

iii.It should be endeavoured to complete such work(s) within two years from the date of approval by the Sponsoring Entity. Progress of work shall be reviewed periodically by railway and the Sponsoring Entity jointly.

iv.Railway shall be responsible for finalization of plans/ estimates; co-ordination for supervision and execution.

v.An MoU may be signed between Railway administration and the Sponsoring Entity. This MoU should be approved personally by DRM.

vi.Technical documents for certain items e.g. RO Plant, Water Coolers, Solar Lights etc., which are supplied/installed as a part of sponsored items should be given by the Sponsoring Entity to Railways.

vii.Maintenance of assets by the Sponsoring Entity is optional.

viii.The Sponsoring Entity shall have no right on assets so created and such assets shall be the property of the Railways.

ix.Water and electricity required, as per norm, for provision/installation and O&M of amenities/facilities shall be supplied free of cost by Railway.

x.Wherever the operation & maintenance, cleanliness etc. is part of the scope of work for which Sponsoring Party is required to depute his men/staff, they will be issued appropriate authority with photograph by Station Manager/SS /Authorized Railway Supervisor.Such men/staff should be in proper uniform of the prescribed color and type displaying the name badge and should invariably have the authority issued by Station Manager/SS/Authorized Railway Supervisor, in his possession. Such uniforms can have a logo of the Sponsoring Entity.

xi.The Sponsoring Entity shall not have any right for commercial exploitation of asset being provided in railway premises.

xii.No space/facility for advertising/publicity shall be given to the Sponsoring Entity in lieu of the assets provided.

xiii.Where the cost of infrastructure/work/amenities is Rs. 50 lakh or above, Railway may allow putting up a plaque or a board acknowledging contribution of the Sponsor by way of logo, company’s name etc. The plaque/board shall be of a reasonable size as approved by DRM and should be located at a place which do not mar the aesthetics of the station and should not interfere with operational activities. Notwithstanding this, the facility provided by the corporates under CSR can have small display mentioning the name of the Sponsoring Entity. Decision of the DRM shall be final in this regard.


Source : North Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-07-2016